Create a powerful plan for your new diagnosis.
Fight back. Fight hard.

There’s no easy way to tell someone, “You have cancer.” Nothing prepares you to hear those words regardless of your age or professional status. It’s almost as if time stops when those words are spoken.  And there’s no easy way to absorb the news, either. Many people go blank. Time grinds to a halt. Everything feels surreal. And then — eventually — the questions emerge. Often it’s hard to remember what your physician said, or many of the details you so badly want to know. Lots of questions.

“Why did this happen?”
 “What are my options?
 “What about my kids?”
“How do I tell my family?”
 “How do I find a second opinion?”
 “What comes next?”

“And…am I going to be okay? Am I going to die? How will I tell my friends, my children, my spouse- or my employer?”

These questions are difficult to ask, and sometimes it’s hard to hear the answers. When my own mother was diagnosed with cancer, I wrestled with knowing everything- or nothing at all. I wanted to be helpful, but the reality was I felt helpless.

As a Patient Advocate and Healthcare Guide, I’m here to help you make sense of a scary diagnosis and become a powerful, educated heroine – navigating the healthcare system with clarity and strength. I want you to take that next step on a challenging journey with confidence and dignity. Most of all, I want you to be informed. And empowered.

I’m here to answer your questions, translate medical lingo into plain English, and help you become a world-class specialist on your diagnosis. And — most of all — I’m here to hold your hand. From a distance, or face-to-face. Because you don’t have to do this alone. 

As your medical concierge, I can help you…

  • Gain a complete and detailed understanding of what’s going on in your body — and how to fight it with power and clarity.
  • Understand the squiggles and images in your medical records, understand the diagnosis and implications. prepare questions for your next clinic visit, and even talk to your healthcare provider and speak up on your behalf. If you are local, I would be delighted to join you at your appointments, help coordinate your care, and support you as you create your own treatment plan.
  • Explore traditional and alternative healing technologies to find the ideal blend for your situation — from chemo and surgery, to acupuncture and massage.
  • Find ways to infuse your everyday life with joy and inspiration — from music, to books, to impromptu celebrations. Because life can still be rich and vibrant — even with some unruly cells in your body. Even when you have a diagnosis of cancer.

If you’re feeling lost, scared or overwhelmed with your new diagnosis — you’re normal, you’re perfect, and you’re not alone. I’d love to support you, surround you with resources… and help get you on the path to wellness. I’ve been an oncology nurse practitioner for more than 20 years and would be honored to help support you on this journey.


If you’re curious about working with me, send me a note to set up a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Chat.

From there, you can choose to pursue a personalized session– a single counseling session where I’ll answer ALL your urgent questions in one big swoop and give you my professional recommendations for the next few weeks.

We can also work together to create a Heroic Plan, a longer relationship tailored to your specific diagnosis and your specific needs. We’ll create a master plan for your long-term health and recovery that may include phone calls, email correspondence, video chats, and in-person meetings (depending on your geographic location). We’ll navigate the system — together.


“Nancy Brook is an extraordinary health care provider. I met Nancy at my first appointment with an oncologist many years ago. I was scared and overwhelmed, but Nancy led me through that first surgery (and the accompanying ups and downs of recovery) and has remained an integral part of my medical team ever since. She remains my first contact with all of my medical issues and has never failed to respond to my many questions and concerns. Nancy has provided unlimited support, clarification, compassion and guidance through subsequent diagnoses and is a tireless advocate on my behalf. She continues to help me navigate the daunting world of medical insurance, cancer, and survival with strength, dignity, and knowledge. With Nancy at the forefront of my medical team I have learned how to be a wiser, more assertive, and empowered patient.”
– Cheryl V., San Francisco, CA