As a Nurse Practitioner with 20+ years in the trenches, I know that
love  heals, knowledge  rules, and relentless positivity
makes an impact.

I speak to gatherings of nurses and healthcare professionals, counselors and coaches, and women who want to invite magic, inspiration, and wonder back into their lives.

I’ve taught at Schools of Nursing. I’ve keynoted at national conventionsI’ve plunged into the depths of my soul and earned my Life Coaching credentials with Oprah’s very own Dr. Martha BeckI know my stuff. And I LOVE to share what I’ve got.

Just a few of my favorite keynotes:

For healthcare professionals

  • How to transform your patient into a world-class specialist on her diagnosis.
  • How to step into nurse-entrepreneurship, creating new opportunities and career possibilities.
  • How to bring your own personal brand of magic into your health care setting.
  • Why patient satisfaction matters: increasing employee engagement and creating a culture of kindness.

Other topics

  • Navigating Change
  • How to rediscover your true gifts and passions by chasing down childhood clues.
  • How to design your life and career like a Disney princess.
  • How to reawaken your natural curiosity and spark — so that you can become an icon of inspiration for your kids, your partner, and everyone you touch.
  • Showing up as you- and why it matters.

Contact me to discuss booking me as a speaker for your event, training program, or retreat.

I’d LOVE to slip into your line-up of speakers — and bring my distinctive blend of practical information and sparkling inspiration.